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What We Offer


We offer a wide range of fun and exciting outdoor activities for all ages.  We want you to come, unplug from technology, learn and discover our amazing outdoors.  


Hiking, camping, fishing, hunting and more 


WHAT we do

"Into the Wild Outdoors" is a popular nonprofit outdoor adventure organization that offers a range of activities and experiences in nature. We typically organize guided hunts, fishing excursions, hikes, camping trips, wildlife tours, and other outdoor adventures. We aim to provide people with opportunities to explore and appreciate the natural world while promoting environmental conservation and outdoor education. Our activities often involve hunting & fishing using our natural resources, hiking through scenic trails, observing wildlife, learning life skills, and immersing oneself in the beauty of what God has provided us, nature.



Father and Son Fishing


Our fishing programs are year around and provide a fun and family friendly environment. 



Camping is a great way to build new friendships, experiences and adventures in the outdoors.



Our hunting adventures is a great way of giving back and providing opportunities to those whose dream adventure is to hunt. 

Image 35.png
Image 35.png

Let the adventure begin!

You have never been hunting before but always wanted to try; IWO is here to help you.

what people are saying

This organization is one in a million.  My son Jess and I came from Michigan for a hunting trip.  We came here as hunters and we left with new friends.  They went above and beyond. 
Lori Mogk McInich

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