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I went on the javelina hunt with my dad and brothers.  The hunt was so much fun and I really learned a lot from it.  That was the very first time I have ever been on a hunt before and I killed my first animal!  It was exciting!  My little brother says that he had such a great time learning how to hunt and he had a blast going on the bumpy trails looking for javelinas.  He enjoyed how to use a gun the right way and showing patience and waiting for the right moment to shoot.  Same goes for me as well - it was so fun.  Kaylee and Matthew Edmunds


The javelina camp was a great first experience for learning how to hunt.  My favorite thing I like about it was the tracking that was involved.  It really made me feel that I got the best experience.  I learned how to glass and be patient for hunting the javelina.  Overall it was a great time and I plan on going again.  Hunter Edmunds  

2022 Exotic Tx. HUNT

My memory of Tx is one that I will never forget.  It was tons of fun!!  I made great new friends.  I really appreciate the opportunity to go and bond with my dad doing something I really like to do.  I encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zone and try new things like this Tx hunt.  I can't wait till next year.  Thank you John and Andrea for making this happen.  Levi Segovia

Thank you so much for me and my mom attend your hunting event.  I was so nervous at first because I have not gone to any event that is not a Gold Star related.  I had a really good time and learned that it's ok to be different no matter what.  I hope that my mom and I can attend more events with you.  I know she enjoyed going also.  I'm glad she also made new friends.  Thank you again from both of us.  Wesley Ponder

The whole experience was amazing.  The people were supportive and it made it a whole lot better.  I got to meet so many new people and made new friends.  Some people think hunting is just about killing something, but it's not, it's about having fun and meeting new people.  I'm looking forward to going again.  Evangelena Bates-Richards

This was a great experience for me.  As a beginner to big game hunting, I learned that patience is key.  I also got more practice using my equipment and taking a clean shot.  I enjoyed the whole experience, meeting other hunters and spending time at the lodge with them.  Sophie Sepulveda



I got involved with IWO because like many people I don't know anything about hunting.  It's not something that my father did with us.  The other volunteers with IWO were able to not only mentor my daughter, but exposed me to hunting as well.  I think that IWO teaches kids and adults to have an appreciation for the preservation of wildlife resources.  For instance Maggie(my daughter) never realized how critical it is that animals have water during a drought.  People can help provide that water, the wildlife doesn't need to suffer.  Wildlife can be taken care of by people we all can contribute in many ways.  Volunteering with IWO allows me to teach other people what I've learned, and mentored youth that would not have otherwise been exposed to hunting, wildlife and it's natural setting, and wildlife preservation.  For me, I felt some sort of epiphany or I don't know maybe a magical moment the first time I looked through binoculars and saw javelina coming out of the bushes to warm themselves up in the morning.  Not that they awoken my inner javelina but I felt some sort of connection with the javelina.  I thought, that's what I do in the morning when we go camping.  I usually don't crawl out of the tent until the sun is up, and then go outside and warm up, start a fire and make breakfast.  The Javelina got up in the morning, stretched, walked around in the sun, got something to drink, and chewed on some cactus.  AT THAT MOMENT, at 47 yrs of age I was exposed to something I had never experienced before.  I want to help others to experience THAT SAME MOMENT.   

Jason Ball 


We had heard about Into the Wild Outdoors many times and how they work with youth, veterans and hunting and have always loved their mission.  Then we got hit with cancer.  There was so much stress and so many bills.  We looked into many ways to help alleviate some of this stress and found out there was not much (for a middle income family) to help us out.  That's when IWO came in.  We never asked for help (we didn't know this was also what they did), they sought us out.  From a blessing to help us out financially, to a reservation right next to the hospital.  They were there supporting in so many ways than we could've ever imagined.  The whole team has cared for us, not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually, mentally and the whole shebang.  We are forever grateful for their love - Anonymous  



One of my most enjoyable hunts was with Andrea and John Hedges in 2019.  It was also the hunt where I only saw one white tail deer and it never came closer than over 900 yards, hiding behind a spot on a mountain.  One would think that would have made for a disappointing experience, but quite the opposite, they sent me away feeling very good about myself, enhancing both my hunting skills and my self confidence.  I am a disabled veteran and a novice hunter in my 60's.  John patiently took over 10 hours one of our days together teaching me effective glassing skills and techniques in different terrains.  By the end of the day I was able to spot things on my own that I had never paid attention to before.  I love how John and Andrea worked so well together as they taught me different skills about following trails and the habits of the herds.  We saw lots of females and they taught me a lot about the white tail deer.  They are great hunters and a wonderful couple. 
Donna Marie Coleman



I was told about a women's camp that IWO was hosting so I applied.  I surprisingly ended up being the only one drawn.  Andrea knew this and happily invited me to come out hunting.  This was my first rifle and couesdeer hunt.  

With Andrea, John and Derrick by my side we hunted hard for a couple of days through some very windy and cold weather.  Although we had some opportunities at a shot we weren't able to make things come together.  

I wasn't able to fill my tag, but I headed home with much more then what I came in with.  This was a weekend that I'll never forget filled with memories and laughs.  John, Andrea and Derrick have a wealth of information when it comes to hunting.  They are great people who care a lot about the community and getting others involved in hunting and the great outdoors.  

Donna Marie Abrams 


IWO wants to personally thank you all that volunteer and donate.  Without you this is not possible.  The smile and excitement on someone's face when they experience something they've never experienced through one of our events is why we love to do what we do.  It takes us all.  Helping a person may not change the world but it may change the world for the one we are helping.

Proverbs 3:27  Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it's in your power to help them.