First time hunter Tamara Ball Javalina Hunt

I have wanted to hunt for years but didn’t know anyone to guide me through it. Then, IWO hosted a youth hunt & a women’s hunt. And I was all in.


We went out several days during the week. The weather was terrible many of those days, so we didn’t find much. What I did find were deeper friendships. I’ve known these people for several years and I never really knew them until now. We glassed, we laughed, we hiked & talked, we glassed, and we snacked on M&Ms.


On the last day of the hunt, John met us late in the day, and within minutes, he had found the javelina. I did get my javelina, but with a couple more shots than I had anticipated. It didn’t go down immediately, but she eventually gave in. In that moment, I was so thankful for John’s expertise! It was quite a rush to accomplish that goal. Hunting with Andrea, Tonya, Derrick, and John was such an exhilarating experience. I learned so much from them. My hunt was successful, even before I got my shot in.

Youth Javelin Hunt

January 2020

Let the Adventure Begin!

Meet our Hunters

Top row: Anjyla Goodman, Lanie Goodman, Paizlee Schumaker

Middle row: Dixie Goodman, Maggie Edmunds, Gracie Goodman

Bottom row: Enlai Rodriguez

This is what it is all about!

Congratulations Maggie Edmunds & Gracie Goodwin

Game and Fish officer John Bacorn joined us at camp this morning to give the new hunters information and asked  them questions about what they learned from the hunter safety course.

Thank you Officer Bacorn we appreciate you.

Thank you Jason Ball for cutting wood. You are amazing!

What an opportunity!


We could not have done this alone. We would like to thank Jake Porter (camp cook), Jason Tucker (guide/mentor), Madison & McKenna Tucker (spotters) Bobby Holder (guide), Tommy Holder (guide), Wyatt Crotts (guide), John Hedges (guide/mentor), John Bacorn (Game & Fish officer). You all are amazing.

This was our first Youth Javelina hunt and it was an amazing adventure. To the parents that participated you went above and beyond for your hunters, we appreciate you. We enjoyed getting to know you all better and not only did we make memories but we made a connection that we will always share.


Being in the outdoors is what we love to do and to be able to share it with others makes memories that will last forever. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. 

Your financial support of Into the Wild Outdoors makes opportunities like these possible.  We are grateful for you.

Making Dreams Come True for Retired Air Force First Sargent Donna Coleman

We were honored to take Donna on her first Coues deer hunt. She was not able to harvest a deer but we still had a successful hunt. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bless you Donna. It's because of people like Donna that we have the freedoms we have.  Thank you for your service Donna.

Making Dreams Come True for

Hunter Gahn

I want you all to meet Hunter. His smile expresses so much more than we can explain. He is an amazing young man. He volunteers 48 hours a week at the Food Pantry in Willcox AZ, is a volunteer firefighter and if that isn't enough he cares for horses and pets that belongs to others. He does all this work with his unforgettable smile, you can't help but to be happy around him. 


Hunter was born with Cerebral Palsy-by the age of 5 the left side of his brain was dead due to seizures. The doctors at that point proceeded with a Hemisphererectomy which is removal of half the brain with concerns that he would never walk or talk again. Hunter, his mother Danniell and God had a different plan. He learned all the basics again with his mother always by his side, and today there is no stopping him. Hunter's dream was to "Go on an exciting elk hunt, to enjoy the whole experience, outdoors and make new friends enjoy nature! 

Because of the generosity our our donors we were able to bless Hunter with his dream hunt. Thank you to the United Way campaign through Freeport McMoram and the City of Safford and our donors.  We thank you and Hunter thanks you.

Making Dreams Come True for

Jess McIninch

Jess was sent to us from the Benefit4kids organization in Minnesota. His dream hunt was Arizona Mule deer. He filled that tag, was able to harvest some quail, rabbit and a Coatimundi. Not only did we help him fulfill his dream we became friends that will last a lifetime.

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