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About into the Wild Outdoors

We are a group of individuals who love the outdoors and have a passion in making outdoor dreams come true. We focus on youth, Veterans, physically disabled, and front line individuals. We have several programs to include but not limited to fishing camps, hunting camps, and adventure camps. Giving back to people is what we do. 

Proverbs 3:27 Do not withhold good from those whom it is due when it is in your power to act.

We don’t just take trips for fun, we also teach important skills like being responsible for yourself, for the camp, learning to set up and tear down, and how to properly hold, clean and take care of a rifle. Providing these growth opportunities for youth and adults through outdoors education and helping to shape and build our communities is paramount to what we do and we love seeing the change in people lives.  


John & Andrea Hedges

IWO was founded in 2016 by John and Andrea Hedges with the main goal of educating, mentoring, and providing opportunities for others in the outdoors.  With over 30 years experience in the outdoors industry we have seen a gap with the outdoors community and those who were not as fortunate in achieving their outdoor dreams.  With the main groups being youth, Military Veterans/First responders, and physically challenged individuals.  We want to not just give them hope but to provide opportunities to make their dreams come true.  


Jason and Tamara Ball 
Board members

Jason and Tamara Ball are novice hunters and outdoor enthusiast. They are excited to offer you a new and exciting view into the outdoors. IWO is created for people just like them. People who want to try new things and have an adventurous spirit.



Lj Hedges Board Member

Lj is John and Andrea's oldest son.  He is a husband and a father of two beautiful daughters. He's been around hunting and the outdoors for most of his life. He harvested his first deer when he was ten and got hooked. 



what people are saying

IWO provided an amazing hunting opportunity for youth and their families who otherwise don't normally go hunting.  The scholarship that IWO awarded my son was very instrumental in my son being able to participate in the hunt and for that, we are very thankful!  The ranch that provided the hunt was great, along with the guides who took the kids out to get their animals.  They were patient and very good with the kids.  It was an amazing time that made many great memories.  Thank You IWO
Frank Segovia

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